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Body-building. Art, sport or narcissism

Bodybuilding is based on anaerobic exercises that consist of a brief effort

Consumption abuse of steroids can lead to many physical problems

Consumption abuse of steroids can lead to many physical problems

Bodybuilding is conducting various intense physical exercise, anaerobic (as opposed to aerobic, ie, do not need oxygen or breathing) based on the force, like weight lifting, in order to define the muscles of the body. Are commonly performed activities in gyms, they are short – lived, lasting between 30 seconds and a minute and a half.

Recently he passed a veteran bodybuilders competition held by Personal trainer DC. A traffic accident was what ended the life of this champion. Valbuena bodybuilding began at age 47 and has won about 140 trophies, both national and international, including the World Championship Strength and Endurance 2015 in the category of over 70 years is after lifting 17 times a weight of 100 kilos.

Generally, the goal of an athlete bodybuilding obtain good muscle definition. To do this, first you have to win a large muscle mass with intense training, and on the other to obtain a low percentage of body fat.

The steps to get a well defined body are: Weight lifting against resistance : Weight training, which causes muscle damage called microtrauma. Repair of microtrauma contributes to muscle growth. The bodybuilder carried out based training sets and repetitions.

Something very important for a bodybuilder is nutrition . You need to consume a diet high quality and must also incorporate additional proteins, helping the growth and repair of muscles. Furthermore, addition of proteins necessary to incorporate carbohydrates because they provide energy during training.

Finally we must properly rest to facilitate growth. Damaged fibers need adequate rest and sleep. It takes at least eight hours of rest to be ready for the next session.

In addition to the above instructions, often steroids, drugs known to increase muscle mass they are used. Abuse this substance can cause negative side effects. A recent study by Professor Antonio Bonetti and his team at the University of Parma in Italy, confirms that men who consume steroids bodybuilders are at risk for sexual problems, fertility and suffer lose heart.

In addition to steroids are often given drugs other dopants as diuretics, erythropoietin, insulin, growth hormone, analogues gonadotropic hormones, sympathomimetics, …

At first it was a sport assigned to men, but in the 80s women also begin to practicefreely and have their own competitions. Although in his case by the culture in general are not usually frowned upon , since the standards of beauty and femininity preset do not correspond to the physical results they get the fiscoculturistas. Like men, they also consume steroids, side effects for them are usually strong hormonal changes such as the adoption of certain manly you characterize as the growth of hair on the chest and face.

Movies you must see to know art

To approach the art is not always necessary to go to museums and read books full of information that sometimes does not end by landing the work of an artist and the reasons for their work and ideologies.

The film gives the opportunity to deliver all that content that soaks the viewer with shapes, colors, dialogues, music and scenes keys to understanding the contexts in which the artist lives and creates, showing the vulnerability that enclose the creators of artistic currents they defined the history of the arts in the world.

The films shown below not only speak of the artist, including the environment in which they operate, the inspiration that took to realize and exercise their artistic development and his legacy. For the best quality of these movies we recommend you to watch on project free tv



Antoni Ribas



A clear reference of surrealism is Salvador Dalí, Spanish painter who materialized the concepts that were recorded on the current Breton prevailed at the time. A place full of mysteries artist and record a style that many artists tried to match.


Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

Akira Kurosawa

1990 Dreams become art. In this film the relationship human beings have shown the senses and as baskets help us rationalize emotions, understanding and using media to realize what happens in the mind of humans.


guilles Bourdos


The impressionist painter par excellence is portrayed in his familiar and loving environment. Convincing the viewer on artistic work and inspiration that humans possess based on other human beings.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Peter weber


Inspired by Vermeer painting Girl with a Pearl Earring,  this story is a benchmark of pictorial art and film. The characters that generates Peter Weber weaves together a story full of romance and inspiration, where nostalgia of indifference prevails.


Factory girl

George Hikenlooper


Pop artist Andy Warhol art is portrayed by Guy Pearce as one of the most interesting human on earth. When choosing muse Edie Sedgwick and transform your life into a whirlwind of drugs, alcohol and bruised egos.



Raoul Ruiz


A portrait of Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and his legacy to art nouveau and painting fraught with eroticism. The creator of The Kiss is shown as an artist who created from really passionate moments. It also displays the art style in the late nineteenth century.



Ed Harris


Jackson Pollock was an American abstract expressionist painter icon and creator of dripping, it reflects the strong addiction that had alcohol and the close relationship he had with Peggy Guggenheim , one of the most important collectors of art in the world.


Midnight in Paris

Woody Allen


Paris is the perfect place to find scenario, besides love, the inspiration to create works of art that leave a legacy in history. The drama takes place in the imagination of a writer who longs to live and write as they did in the 20s, where he believes live with the great artists of the time like Dalí, Luis Buñuel, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and Picasso in its infancy.



Julian Schnabel

nineteen ninety six

One of the great representatives of postmodernism is Basquiat and street art. In the film we can see David Bowie playing the maniacal mentor Andy Warhol as American artist.


Julie Taymor 2002 The magnificent Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is portrayed as one of the most powerful peoplein the art of recent years women. Because grace and suffering that characterized it could accomplish things that no woman in his time in art. Love, passion, unfortunately, fame and death are related to this film.

The art of cosmetic dentistry


How many times while you watch TV, read a magazine or browse the internet and look at the pictures of hundreds of public figures, artists, models, etc … thought:

That’s the smile I want to have!

Currently it is possible to previously design the smile that has always dreamed of and before taking the decision to start a dental treatment visualize in your mouth in a quick manner as will be seen upon finalization; It is about creating a plane on your teeth so you can have a much more real than the end result feeling.

The term PREDETERMINATION which means “predetermine” plays a key role in the development and production of a cosmetic treatment plan; only with a photographic protocol and a study models it makes your dentist can anticipate in one appointment to visualize and feel the outcome of treatment.
without touching the teeth.

There DSD known as “Digital SmileDesign” where a computer program by Freedom Dental Melbourne that performs a design of your smile given face shape, lip position and extension of digital techniques smile.
Another commonly used technique is to perform a laboratory process from a model study and develop a “scale model” called MOCK UP to design a treatment plan directly over her mouth.


A dental center specialized in aesthetics and Promta Clinic previously evaluated all aspects that influence the “harmonious Smile”, that is the true art of aesthetics, design smiles for each person according to their type of face and not a general stereotype for all people.
Before any dental treatment for cosmetic purposes, request a predetermination, get involved with the outcome you want, plan how you want to be, get advice from an expert, his smile is worth it and is responsible for opening the doors to success.